Become a mavunite!

Mavuno is a bit different than other churches, if you haven't yet noticed. At Mavuno, we do not stress formal membership instead we focus on belonging. Our desire is that every person at Mavuno will find themselves connected to others, serving others and ultimately impacting society. 

The process begins with signing up for Mizizi. Mizizi is a ten-week experience that will help you connect with God, connect with Mavuno Church and connect with your purpose. Once you complete Mizizi you will be joined with your very own Mavuno life group. It is through Mizizi and Mavuno Lifegroups that you move from being part of the crowd to being part of the change.


All that to say, you are very welcome to Mavuno, consider this home and consider yourself a Mavunite. If you have not yet signed up for Mizizi, you can do so here