10 week experience courses

Mavuno has several 10-week experiences designed specifically to help you grow.

Whether you are looking to find your God given purpose in life, overcome personal challenges, learn to pray, raise your faith to relevance, be a better marriage partner or a better parent, Mavuno church has something for everyone. Take a look at the courses available below and see how you can get plugged into a class near you!

  • Mizizi "Plugging Into Your God-Purpose"

    It is said that the two most important days in ones life are the day you are born and the day you discover why. Mizizi (Swahili for "Roots") is the first 10-week-class of Mavuno's Transformation Loop Series. It is tailor-made to help you connect with God, connect with Mavuno Church and connect with your purpose. Through this experience you will develop lifelong friendships with like-minded people and build personal practices that will continue to help you grow for the rest of your life. Your life will never be the same!  Mavuno Kampala is currently doing Mizizi as an entire church as part of this year's "Refresh Challenge." SIGN UP FOR MIZIZI!

  • simama "Gaining victory over your past"

    All of us have a past. Simama is the second 10-week course of the Transformation Loop Series that gives people the opportunity to gain victory over their personal and family battles whether it is past baggage, current struggles, or conquering fear. Simama will get you on the road to victory through Christ as you learn to find freedom in your family, workplace & every aspect of life. Mavuno Kampala will be doing Simama as a church-wide program starting early 2017.  SIGN UP FOR SIMAMA!

  • ombi "Making prayer an adventure"

    Unlike the experience of many, prayer was never meant to be a boring duty. Instead, prayer is an adventure, an encounter with the most powerful force in the universe; touching heaven and changing earth. Ombi (swahili for Prayer), is the third 10-week course in the Transformation Loop Series that helps people not only experience extraordinary transformation in their own lives, but also helps them see dramatic change in their circumstances and in the lives of those in their spheres of influence.  Sign-ups for Ombi will be available here once the next upcoming class is scheduled.

  • hatua "Raising your faith to relevance"

    Catherine of Sienna said, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." Hatua is a Swahili word for "Take Action". Even though many of us have a heart to take action and influence society, our desires often remain at the level of sentiment. This book, the fourth in our Transformation Loop series, is a 10-week transformational experience that creates the basis for every single individual to identify and engage in a social transformation venture as a lifelong pursuit. Sign-ups for Hatua will be available here once the next upcoming class is scheduled.

  • ndoa "Building a strong marriage"

    NDOA is a 10-week interactive & experiential marriage preparation and enrichment course. Our commitment and passion is to give you the skills and knowledge it takes to build a strong, lasting marriage so you can experience "the real happily ever after….." All the topics are aimed at helping you anticipate the issues every marriage goes through and prepare you for the right response to your partner.  SIGN UP FOR NDOA!

  • lea "Intentional parenting"

    LEA is a 10-week interactive experience that teaches intentional parenting. Through LEA, participants get to understand their child, understand fundamental parenting principles, and fully appreciate their parenting role. At LEA, parents are given the necessary skills and tools to become effective parents, and raise a generation that is disciplined, obedient, and follows after God's ways.  If you are a parent, would-be parent, or even a guardian looking to better shepherd children, LEA is for you! SIGN UP FOR LEA!