Lifegroups, known as LGs, are small groups that meet weekly in different neighborhoods across the city. Joining an LG is the best way to get connected with people at Mavuno. In LG's, we encourage & support each other, serve together, share life and simply have fun together! 

At Mavuno Kampala, LG's are formed out of our ongoing Mizizi classes. If you have done Mizizi but are not plugged into a Lifegroup, contact us so we can help connect you to a group. If you have not yet done Mizizi, check out our special classes page for more information on how to get started!   


Mavuno life groups are responsible for creating a compelling group experience that promotes spiritual growth and healthy relationships for members. We do this through:

  • Weekly Sermon Discussion Meetings
  • Quarterly Social Justice Projects
  • Monthly Communion Time
  • Quarterly Group hangouts
  • Ongoing Church Service (as individuals and as a group)
  • Consistent Prayer/Accountability Partnerships

If you are not yet apart of a life group but would like to be, please email us for more details!

Are you a life group leader? If so, you can access the sermon notes and LG Discussion Guides here to aid you in your group meetings. 

All LG Leaders should complete our 10-Week Equip Training to help them understand and lead their LG's effectively.  Click here for more info on EQUIP and how to get started.